Our mission is to support the conscious and peaceful evolution of humanity.

At the EVO Academy our programs support individuals, couples, families, organizations and small businesses to learn how the healthy functionality of any kind of relationship or institution starts with the emotional and relational health and skills of the individuals involved.

We believe that human beings have an innate drive to actualize their potential. However, often our achievement of our dreams and desires is stymied by various developmental, relational and cultural influences, hinderances and traumas and we can become stuck, discouraged and dissatisfied in life.

BUT there IS a WAY OUT!

A human mind, body, heart and life, CAN heal and recover!  We can also learn and acquire the personal, emotional and relational skills necessary to live a full, healthy, satisfying and successful life!  

At the EVO Academy, we help people do this healing and learning in a loving, non-judgmental way. We utilize many different forms of educational and therapeutic modalities, including many of the latest breakthrough studies and practices that link brain, digestive and nervous system health with mental, emotional, behavioral and relational functionality.    

The EVO Academy programs do not aim or claim to be an experience of rescue or quick fix.  Rather, while powerful, rapid, lasting transformation and changes can and do occur, we believe that to create grounded, integrated healing and change in the areas of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, identities, behaviors, relationships and circumstances in life, that new behaviors, support and relationships must be developed and practiced over time.

We would love the opportunity to assist you on your journey!


*Please note ~ due to Covid-19 many of our in person programs are not currently being offered. 

We are however in development of an online curriculum and some virtual offerings. 

Please connect with us to stay informed and/or go to the links to see what is currently available and the results people achieve! 

We hope you'll join us!

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